Maundy Thursday at 7:00pm on April 18 - We will have a bilingual English/ Spanish worship service with communion and the traditional practice of foot washing. Maundy is short for Mandatum, or Mandate. It comes from Jesus telling the disciples, "Do this in remembrance of me.

Good Friday at 12:00pm on April 19 - A time for prayer and reflection as we contemplate together the last words that Jesus spoke on the cross.

Good Friday at 7:00pm on April 19 - An original Holy Week Cantata composed by Vikki Schwarz and Tyler Mabry with narration by Wilson Pruitt. The cantata, Lonesome Valley, will begin the Garden of Gethsemane and consist of Jesus's reflections of his life and ministry as he prepares for his arrest and crucifixion.

Easter Vigil at 7:00am on April 21 - A sunrise service based on the ancient paschal vigil, remembering the announcement that the angel made to Mary and Mary Magdalene: "He is risen!"

Easter Worship at 10:00am in English, 12:00pm in Spanish - Our celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ with hymn and word and prayer.