The most important offering at any worship service is the offering of our Lord, Jesus Christ, for us and for our salvation. This is central. The original offertory was the time in the service after proclaiming the Word of God that the bread and the wine would be brought forth to the table. 

God has offered himself for us. Yet even before that we were created by the miraculous action of God in creation. On Sunday mornings, when we pass the plate, our actions are responses to what God has done in our lives and with our livelihood. To give to the church is an act of discipleship first and foremost. It is not the paying of dues. It is not the purchasing of services. We give in response to God's gift to us. God has been generous to us in love beyond measure. Holy generosity responds to that love.

A tithe is an act of faith. It is not an easy thing to do. Think to the words of Jesus when he describes the how the scribes and tax collectors flaunt their gifts at the Temple, while the widow gives only a penny but gives all that she has. She gave out of faith believing in God's faithfulness towards her. 

When we offer what we have to God, it is an act of faith that God will continue to bless and support us. It is not easy to give. Each of us have a myriad of financial obligations. Financial stress is continuously increasing in today's age. Our offering is not a salve to stress but an act of faith.

And so during the offertory, whether you give in person or online, may you reflect on Christ's offering for us and remember that each gift is an act of faith and faithfulness.