Worship begins when we enter the space and are welcomed. Worship ends when we are blessed and sent. Worship always has a point. A person does not leave worship. They are sent. Sent for what? Sent to love and serve the Lord. Mission comes from the latin 'to send'. The mission of the church is what we do when we leave worship. Jesus tells us things to do in this way. The Great Commission, the exhortation Jesus gives at the end of the Gospel of Matthew is to Go and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The mission of Berkeley United Methodist Church is to make new disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. This is what we are to do when we are sent. It would be an impossible task, were we to be charged with this alone. However, one way to understand the entire worship experience is to understand what we are to do when we are sent.

Worship is a time to come together as the body of Christ. To greet each other in peace, to sing praises to God, to hear God's word read and proclaimed, to pray together, to offer ourselves up to God, and finally to be sent. All of the specific actions shape us to be disciples. Our church understands discipleship as encountering the risen Christ, loving God above all else, and responding to a costly a joyful relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. Worship is the encounter and the loving of God, our response is found in mission and it is found in mission together. Mission cannot be separated from evangelism, from sharing the Good News that Jesus is Lord and we are forgiven and you can be forgiven, as well. You are loved. You are special. 

The benediction is an encouragement, a reminder, and a sending. As you go from worship, may you remember that you are sent on a mission and that God is with you.